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Explore and enjoy realms of Nature, the uninterrupted green. Abandon the arduous routines and abscond to a paradise in nature. Put your strenuous life on hold and take some time off to explore your soul in natural wonders. Rejuvenate and relax while gathering memories to cherish for a lifetime...

Guruvayur Temple - A Night View


Surrender to the higher power...Give a break to the thoughtless, hefty rush of life and embark on a spiritual journey - a journey which will help you synchronise with the higher power and your own self. Deviate from the tedious world and realize the radiance within yourself. Visit famous abodes of the scared... contemplate on your soul...

Bekal Fort - simply massive !


History defines a nation... Well, even if there are not many takes for this statement at first, after experiencing the elegance & prosperity of bygone eras and civilizations across the world you may voice this opinion at least unknowingly. Explore the cradles of ancient heritage & culture, open up to the priceless treasure troves that survived the test of time, something that will leave you spell-bound!

Mesmerizing Paddies !

Kerala Farm / Plantation

When you are on a journey, it would be interesting to select the road less travelled, exactly like the lonely traveler in the Robert Frost poem did. Our farm tour packages will provide you with a never-before experience in your life, a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. Witness the persistent daily routines of farm life. Observe the rural backdrop complete with waving paddies and diligent farmers. Here is a chance to live the rustic life with a taste of luxury...

Eravikulam National Park (Rajamalai)


Do you feel that life is monotonous and lacks any worthwhile actions? Well, as the famous the movie quote goes, Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away. So, here is the perfect opportunity to add a thrilling chapter to your life... embark on an adventurous trip with us...feel the adrenaline moving in your veins...

Alappuzha Backwaters


Dreamy days…Starry-eyed nights…Well, If marriages are made in heaven, honeymoon should be spent in heavenly ambience. Take your first step into a fresh new life with the promise of beauty and serenity. Enjoy, with your spouse, the early morning dew on plush green grass. Discover the wedded bliss while savoring nature. Create a new life with your better half.

Chembra Peak


Rain! When its first crystal drops touch the earth draped in green blanket, that will be one of the most camera-friendly pictures in the world. Watch the meeting of mystic hills and placid cloudburst. Savor Monsoon in the thickset forests and walk along tapered paths in the woods enjoying the drizzle. As the soft showers and the wild torrents paint the land with hues of earth, this canvas is yours to enjoy...

Tholpetty 'views'...


Expeditions to the furtive folds and contours of landscapes unexplored before. Lush meadows and the greenest forests unfold themselves boasting beauty beyond judgment . Elatrip helps you to unearth the unspoiled beauty of unexplored places. A unique pursue of splendor...

Varkala Beach


Seashore’s splendors are something indescribable... Powder like white sand beds, affectionate stroking of sun rays, gentle rhymes of palm trees, thrilling thuds of sea waves, all in all you will be taken to a delightful world where there is no room for life’s troubles. Experience the warmth of some of the world’s best beach destinations through our unique packs...

Conserving medicinal plants


The time-tested name of ultimate healing! Indian subcontinent’s holistic & natural form of treatment is now making waves throughout the world in terms of effectiveness. Here is the answer to all your long troubled incurables. Get the lifetime experience of genuine Ayurvedic cure through our special restorative packages... a guaranteed cent-percent rejuvenation for your body & mind!

Art & Culture

Kerala Art & Culture

Kerala, the lush green & coconut tree- clad south western tip of India instantly attracts any tourist with its interesting history, ancient medical practices, lip smacking cuisine, charming landscapes, and colorful festivals. National Geographic's Traveller magazine names Kerala as one of the "10 paradises of the world" and "50 must see destinations of a lifetime". A trip to Kerala will be ‘’one of the 100 great trips for the 21st Century’’, says Travel and Leisure.


Apart from these Kerala hosts multitudes of cultures and colorful festivals. To explore the culture of God’s own country in its complete form Elatrip has formulated these exclusive cultural tour packages and we are proudly inviting you to be a part of this unique travel festival, a really first time experience in Kerala tourism!


You will come across many cultural art-forms of Kerala like Ottanthullal - a type of monologue performing art, Tholpavakoothu - the shadow puppetry show, Theyyam – the dancing Gods, Mudiyettu - a ritualistic dance drama, and finally the ‘Festival of all festivals’, Thrissur Pooram which consists of many wonders like caparisoned elephants, impressive fireworks and marvelous percussion.


Our words would never suffice in portraying the real spirit called Kerala; however we can assist all who wish to explore the beauty of God’s own country.


Rail Tourism

India Luxury train tours offer you enchanting ways of traveling across the country. Each of the 6 luxury trains has been designed in a way to offer you extravagant rides spanning enchanting landscapes in an array of luxurious excursions in terms of destinations, culture, geography, heritage value, sightseeing and quintessential royal journeys .


Study Tour

Elatrip conducts study tours with an aim to provide the students with practical exposure to unique destinations. At elatrip, we have a dedicated team who are adept in designing unique study tours as per the customized requirements of each educational institution.

Kerala Foods


Kerala will definitely tickle your taste buds with its unique culinary innovations. Each part of Kerala has its own culinary peculiarity and uniqueness. Come to Kerala, taste it, and fall in love with the Kerala cuisine.


Weekend Gateways

 Take short trip and enjoy the weekend with Kerala...